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Welcome to Slow Fox Dance Hall, located at the heart of Downtown Napa!

At Slow Fox Dance Hall, we believe that everyone from every walk of life can benefit from the world of dance! We specialize in personalized programs to fit your goals, needs, and budget. We teach dances such as salsa, swing, tango, social, wedding, ballroom, and more!

So whether you're new to the dance world or a life-long dancer, we've got the place for you! With private lessons, group classes, and regular social dancing in the evenings, we're here to bring ballroom and social dance to the Napa Valley!

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Meet Our Staff

Natalie K.

Studio Director

Natalie started dancing the day she turned four years old, and hasn't stopped since! Her energy, enthusiasm, and joy for all things dance comes across in her lessons, progress checks, and program visits. No matter if you are a first time student or a high-level competitive dancer, Natalie will have you laughing and learning all lesson long!

Experience: BA in Theater/Dance from Santa Clara University, 17 years ballet, 4 years jazz/modern/contemporary, 4 years competitive salsa, 1 year competitive collegiate Latin dance, 5 years professional competitive American Smooth and Rhythm, 10 years active in the Bay Area and Sacramento Social Dance scenes, 9 years professional Ballroom/Social dance instructor

Favorite Dance: Changes Daily

Hobbies: Art, Craft Beers, Aerial Silks, Running with her dog

Michael P.

Marketing Director

Michael is our behind-the-scenes magician, bring class, finesse, and organization to Slow Fox! After graduating from Santa Clara University with a Bachelors degree in Marketing, Michael moved to Napa to pursue his other passion- wine! On top of directing marketing for Slow Fox and Patland Estate Vineyards, Michael is a Certified Sommelier, and avid dance enthusiast! He takes regular lessons with the team, and is now proficient in Salsa, Hustle, Country Swing, Tango, Foxtrot, and Nightclub Two-Step!

Experience: Bachelors degree in Marketing, 8+ years in marketing and design, 2 years social dance

Favorite Dance: Hustle

Hobbies: Wine, Art, Event Planning, Netflix

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SF Chrystal.jpg

Chrystal C.

Instructor- competitive/latin

A passionate soul who loves to help others find joy in life through ballroom dancing, Chrystal is a patient, detail-oriented instructor, intent on always pushing her students to the next level in their dance journey. Chrystal first experienced ballroom dancing in college with her partner, Oscar, and was immediately hooked for life! After winning her first adult ballroom 8-dance competition in Sacramento Dance Marathon, she joined Sukachov Dance Academy to further pursue competitive dance training. On top of instructing Ballroom and Latin dancers, Chrystal and Oscar remain active in the Competitive International Latin world, and are constantly working to improve their own dancing and teaching.

Experience: 6+ years teaching social, competitive, and wedding dances in the bay area, 4+ years competitive International Latin

Favorite Dances: International Latin & Standard, American Rhythm & Smooth

Hobbies: Dance-Wear Design, Jewelry Design, Trying New Foods

Oscar R.

Instructor- competitive/latin

Oscar is a remarkably talented and diverse dancer with great skill for clear explanation and detail-oriented direction in his lessons. From ballroom to salsa to performance, Oscar will work tirelessly to help you improve your dancing. His relaxed demeanor is balanced by intense drive to see his students improve. On top of his ongoing competitive experience with Chrystal, Oscar has a wealth of experience working with dancers of all ages and levels.

Experience: 6+ years ballroom, 4 years competitive, 6 years jazz, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, tap, african, theater, and folk dance, 20 years Michael Jackson impersonation

Favorite Dances: International Latin

Hobbies: Biking, Music, Repairing Things

SF Oscar.jpg
SF Elisha.jpg

Elisha S.

Instructor- social/wedding

Elisha comes from a ballet and musical theater dance background, and fell in love with the social dance world in early 2007. Since then, dance has become an essential part of her life. Elisha genuinely loves all ballroom and social dances, and her gentle humor and approachable nature instantly put new dancers at ease. Elisha specializes in ensuring your transition into the dance world is fun and easy, for social dancers and engaged couples alike! Her personalized approach to the First Dance, Father/Daughter, and Mother/Son wedding choreography will get you feeling comfortable and confident in no time at all!

Experience: 2 years professional ballroom dance studio experience, 1 year Program Director for new students, professional competitive American Smooth, 10+ years active in Social Dance scene.

Favorite Dances: Salsa, Bachata, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Argentine Tango

Hobbies: Singing, Playing Piano, Golfing, Hiking, Travel

Xander R.

Instructor- Competitive/social

Xander began his dance journey as a high school student, and quickly found his true passion as a dance instructor! He loves dancing for dancing's sake, but feels that his abilities as a teacher are where he truly shines. With knowledge and experience in almost every form of partnered dance, Xander is a great match for social and competitive dancers alike! He brings a wealth of knowledge, tips, tricks, and real-world experience to every lesson he teaches, challenging you to grow as a dancer while keeping you relaxed and having fun all lesson long.

Experience: Certified in American Smooth and Rhythm, 3 years social swing, 3 years ballroom

Favorite Dances: American Swing, Quickstep, Lindy Hop, Tango, Salsa

Hobbies: Yoga, Rock Climbing, Fencing, Mixology.

SF Xander.jpg

At Slow Fox Dance Hall, we recommend instructors to give you the best match for goals, personality, and learning style. Have any questions? Call us at (530)400-7010, or even better, try a free lesson and let us show you!


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