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Ho-Ho-Holiday Break!!!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Hello, Dancers! The holidays are here! A joyous and hectic time for all, and with more potential closures encroaching we are doing our best to help you continue your dance journey in these uncertain times. Good news is we will remain open at our Fox Den location in the delightfully winter wonderland open air and keep you dancing as long as we are able before our holiday break! What a crazy world we are living in, huh!? 🤪 Holiday Break Deets!

Ok, ok, here's the details! With the holidays here or right around the corner we would like to inform you that the studio will be closing for break on Christmas Eve, December 24th, and will remain closed for a week and a half until January 5th. To ensure a length of time for quarantine and that you are all healthy and ready to get back to dancing after any holiday gatherings or traveling you may have done over break! Please continue to be safe, wear masks, wash/sanitize your hands and stay home as much as possible so we can beat this thing!

What you can do while on break to keep your dancing fresh!

Dance, Dance, Dance!!! Kitchen dancing is my favorite and usually the place in your house where you may have a wee bit of open space to practice your moves! Put on some music and walk through your basics to keep progressing on the movement and mechanics of each dance you’ve been learning! Try working on your arm styling as well! It takes little space and really helps level up the look of your dancing! And if all else fails simply put on your favorite tunes and silly dance around the house! It’s good for the spirits and keeps your body moving

Last but never least... We wish you all very healthy and happy holidays and will see you in January! Stay safe out there and happy dancing!!

Your Slow Fox Team

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