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PIVOT! Dancing Around Shut-Downs

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Phew! Has there ever been a year with more emotional roller-coasters than 2020? The second we get used to one new normal, everything's switching up on us again... maybe it's true that the only constant is change itself! It's a good thing we dancers are light on our feet!

So how are we coping with the new regulations on indoor businesses? Pretty well, actually! Our new motto is, when life throws you a curve ball... PIVOT!

we take our inspiration from Ross

Since our beautiful Pearl Street ballroom hall is closed for business (temporarily), we've found a fun new open-air venue! While the shutdowns are in place, we will be located about 10 minutes from Downtown Napa in our smaller, but equally cheerful studio-garage.

SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR YOU? Fantastic question! The short version is; all good things! With our open-air location, we're able to:

  • offer more comfortable private lessons

  • feel even SAFER about our COVID-19 precautions- same sanitation, glove options, and mask policies, but now we also have refreshing air flow!

  • offer a more flexible schedule for lessons and Office Hours

  • save a little money on rent- and pass that savings on to you!

Happy tip-tap feet. This guy gets it.

What's the downside? Hopefully not too much. We're taking this week off of group classes as we figure out how to run them safely from our new venue, but we'll keep you updated as to when those are ready to start up again. In the mean time, text us at 707.225.1703 for info on our new venue, private lessons, and how to get your own happy tip-tap feet started!

Cheers! Get ready to dance soon!

Natalie Kelly

Studio Director

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