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Summer Bash 2024

Updated: Jul 10

A Delightful Dance Extravaganza in Napa!

On June 30th, Slow Fox Dance Hall was buzzing with excitement and joy as we hosted our highly anticipated Summer Bash! ☀️ The event, fondly described as a “pu pu platter” of dance games and activities, was a fantastic way to kick off the summer season with our dance community.

A Dance-Filled Day

The day was packed with various dance activities that catered to both our enthusiastic dancers and supportive spectators. One of the highlights of the event was our Master Classes. These intensive group classes focus on core theory in various dance styles, helping dancers of all levels strengthen their fundamentals. For example, this year saw a session called “The Quest for Connection in West Coast Swing.” Participants left with valuable knowledge they can apply to multiple dances.

Following the Master Classes, we had heats, where multiple couples took to the floor for 45-second freestyle dances. It was a thrilling display of spontaneity and creativity as dancers showcased their unique styles.

We also had spotlights, where individual couples had the floor to themselves. Some of these performances were choreographed, while others were freestyle, adding an element of surprise and excitement. These spotlights allowed dancers to shine and express themselves in a more performative manner.

Fun & Games

Our Summer Bash wouldn’t be complete without some of our beloved dance games and competitions. From pelting each other with tiny beach balls to dancing with giant inflatable pool floaties, the silliness and wackiness brought smiles and laughter to everyone present. The studio was beautifully decorated with streamers hanging from the ceiling and palm trees all around, creating a vibrant, tropical atmosphere. All the staff wore Hawaiian leis 🌺, adding to the festive mood.

A Delicious Lunch by the Locals

In the midst of all the dancing and fun, we enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by First & Franklin, a local small business in downtown Napa that we love to support! The salads and sandwiches were fantastic and provided the perfect fuel for our dancers to keep moving throughout the day.

A Great Turnout with Heartwarming Moments

We were thrilled with the great turnout for the event. It was heartwarming to see our students, their friends, and families coming together to have fun and support each other. Year after year, Summer Bash has proven a fantastic way to strengthen our community bonds and celebrate the joy of dance.

A Special Anniversary Celebration 🎉

This year’s Summer Bash also marked a significant milestone for Slow Fox Dance Hall – the four-year anniversary of our founding by Natalie Kelly. Our Studio Manager, Victoria Shavlik, took a moment to speak about the humble beginnings of our studio. In a touching celebration, Victoria and the rest of the staff honored Natalie with a bouquet of flowers and lots of enthusiastic jazz hands in the center of the dance floor.

Sunset At Last...

The Summer Bash at Slow Fox Dance Hall was a resounding success. It was a day filled with dancing, laughter, and a strong sense of community. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who came out to join us and make this event so special. Here’s to many more years of dancing and making wonderful memories together!

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